BLT Crustless Quiche

Perfect for those who enjoy a grain-free and dairy-free lifestyle.

You Are Unique

Whether you want to lose weight, increase energy, sleep better, reduce stress, or have a specific health concern to be addressed, you will be provided with everything you need to achieve your personal health goals and feel your best.

Rediscover Real Food

The food we eat is one of life’s greatest pleasures, but many of us have lost sight of how to properly nourish our bodies. Your path to optimal health will rekindle a healthy relationship with food to help you take charge and end your battle with cravings.

The Root Cause

Our bodies are constantly sending us signals when something is out of balance and many of us ignore these signs, accepting them as a normal part of aging.  Rather than just taking a pill to make the pain go away, I can help you get to the root cause through simple diet and lifestyle changes.

Katherine Mossop, CNP | Toronto Holistic Nutritionist

Katherine Mossop is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner in Toronto with a passion for helping others enjoy real food in a processed world.  Whether it’s helping others with challenges in autoimmune disease, mental health, digestion and gut healing and even weight loss, she is dedicated to educating and guiding others to find their own path of health and vitality by emphasizing real whole foods.


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